January 25, 2008

1st Semester

Ist Semester (September- December)

This is the first model we had to make for design workshop class. The theme was lines and intersecting planes composed in a space of a 1" cube. It was a 3 hour class and at the end of it, I had a few scribbles on my butter sheet and had managed to bend a bit of wire into ONE petal. Yup, that’s all I did in 3 hours (I spent most of that time laughing. Shuwana's "madness" had already begun to have ill-effects on me or vice-versa or was it just madness resonating between us, we shall never know) BUT, I had an idea and could imagine every detail of it in my mind. It was going to be an abstract model of a hibiscus or a gul-mohar flower. Thankfully we had until next class to have it finished (there were even people submitting it in December before final submissions!). Working on it was a nightmare!!! The frustration of winding that shoe-lace-like material around and round and round would have caused me to fling the whole thing out of the window had not this lovely course allowed me to do work in front of the TV! That was a nice movie... oh look, I'm almost done!

Pottery Workshop- This was lots of fun. A local potter came in along with his wheel. It was a challenge trying to explain to him what I wanted to do (shame on me for not knowing the local language!) I made most of it on the wheel, but the hole, I had to do with my fingers.... On the right are a few of the other's pots and Maria's head (or more precisely- the head that Maria made. lol) after we varnished them.

Carpentry Workshop: I missed the actual workshop at college, but the following week my room became a temporary carpentry workshop! I was initially sawing with a hack saw blade (yes just the blade... don't know where the handle disappeared to!). Then, noticing that my fingers were turning blue and that I would probably not be able to lift my arm the next morning, took out THE ELECTRIC HAND SAW. It was freaking heavy, and for fear of losing a finger or an arm or even a leg for all I know, happily accepted the help of my Dad. I love laminate; it covers oh so many mistakes. And the red paint adds a very delightful touch! ;)

I don't know why I took a picture of my colour chart. This was the day before submissions and I had wasted so much time doing this simply because it was fun! Especially like the blue swirly thing.

I suddenly realised that I was one model short and so managed to make this in about 15 minutes! Supposed to be RHYTHM and I managed to include rhythm in colour, shape, size, texture and direction. (looks like something I could have made when I was 6, nevertheless I still like it!)

I SO wish I had taken more pictures! Then again, there's always next semester (and another 8 more after that).
p.s. Lots of fun pictures were taken from our Building Construction workshop in the rain... but they are all over the place i.e. with lots of people and I only have a few that I downloaded (because somebody forgot to take their camera... tch tch tch).

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Ginelle said...

hey.. i hope u don't mind me commenting.. anyway..
i personally think if u used a darker red or a mixture with burnt sienna on the wood it would've looked way better..
and the rhythm one.. if u made the lines more curvy instead of straight.. u know i'm talking about the lines to show its water.. it would've looked more like rhythm.. anyway thats just my opinion..