August 25, 2008

June, 2008

June 27

The long awaited for trip. Just one week after wretched exams and submissions and all my bags are packed and I'm ready to go for a 5 week holiday to England.

The journey was not exactly memorable. I had travelled alone before, but this was minus the benefits of unaccompanied travel. I watched 3 movies back-to-back; The Kite Runner, The other Boleyn Girl and P.S, I Love You and landed at Terminal 5 through grey clouds and cold rain- typical English weather.

What I remember from the next few days:

~Sleeping from 3 on Saturday afternoon till 7 the next morning curled up in the duvet of the top bunk.
~Strawberry picking on Sunday morning- Stuffed myself with strawberries, raspberries and tayberries.
~Being united with my laptop.
~Jumping on the trampoline!
~Eloise locking herself in the house the day I was babysitting her. I had to climb over the side gate (not that easy!) to get to the back door which, thankfully was not locked. Surprisingly, I was asked to look after all 3 girls by myself on several occasions after that incident!
~Jason choking with laughter, unable to breathe at Jo and my first attempts at the dance. My spastic hands!
~Losing in MAM- sorry girls. We never lose, do we? I completely take the blame-
I was blind:
Proof 1-
(thinking to myself): hey cool, Im out of yellow, and I have so many blues... maybe I should take the bid. Only later did I realise that this set didn't have yellow and had purple (It looked BLUE-ish) instead. This confused me throughout the ENTIRE game.
Proof 2-
I didn't realise that I had the Tiger till the second last hand. I'm telling you, it looked like the bull and where on the card does it say 'Tiger' in capital letters?
I also suffered temporary Alzheimer's and lost count of all cards. Where did 30 trumps go?
~Eating a mushroom Blintz. Very yummy!
~Punching 150 gold puzzle pieces.
~HAY FEVER!- finishing all the tissues in everybody's house!

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