March 23, 2011


I've listened to this song, 'Doorways' by Radical Face about 20 times today. It's making me feel a bit sad because I'd rather be playing tribal games in the forest than designing a shopping complex right now. 

I'm having those flashbacks followed by wishing too often these days. It wasn't that long ago that I'd long to be 'grown-up'. I'd rather be care-free. (I'm saying all this and I know at the back of my head that I haven't seen anything yet. Things are only going to get less care-free!) Now I see children playing hide and seek and wish that hiding and searching was only part of a fun game. 

"When I was just a boy still owl-eyed
I liked to drink the rain to taste the sky
I tried to count the stars while in my bed
to keep the thoughts of monsters from my head

and I believed the stars were wishes
I believed the world was good
I believed things hid in the dark
and that all would turn out just how it should
I believed in all your stories
I believed you'd never lie
I believed if i could climb the trees behind the house,
I'd touch the sky

I believed the skies were doorways home"

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