May 31, 2011

The belly rules the mind.

(title is a Spanish proverb. They know what they are talking about!)

I have a final exam tomorrow on 'Constitutional Law of India' (Yes, I know! even I thought I was doing an Architecture course.) 

BUT, I spent the entire day ('entire' means- morning 'till evening) reading food blogs. 

And not just ordinary food blogs. Food blogs by designers, photographers and even architects. I am inspired.

Cooking Architecture - I found this one a while ago. Architect couple who also love food and share both passions in their blog. Loved this entry and it is going to be quoted in my thesis (my current topic (subject to change)- Organic Food Park) 

Bella Eats - Another architect. More passionate about food and photography. One of her posts said that she quit her job at an architectural firm and started her own photography company and she blogs extensively about food. Very colourful, healthy, wholesome food. I am going to try some of her stuff (post June 6).

Eating Design - This was sooooo cool! They have a restaurant, they do exhibitions and very artsy type of catering. I was quite awed. Design+Food= Marije Vogelzang. Check these out. Can't decide which is my favourite. THIS is where I want to work.

Marije Vogelzang, you are super cool!
Fork Heart Knife - Two friends who had a tiny restaurant for a year. I want to do that. 

Orangette - She met her husband through her blog! Wowie. So, she's a food writer and he's a chef. 

Smitten Kitchen and Sprouted Kitchen - both cooks/food writers with husbands who are photographers. I say, thats a pretty good combo.

NOTCOT - Another design site with one whole section on food. 

Hmm... I think this is enough for today. There must be tonnes more of these blogs.
So, architecture-writing-food-photography is quite an exciting mix. I will say again, I am inspired. 


One day later- I have holiday plans- blog about food. Yay. I'm so excited that its occupying my mind which should be occupied presently by my design project (due on Monday). *sigh

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