February 05, 2012

Results, Buses and Weddings

Hello 2012.

This is a post about my plans to revive my blog. I've had a pretty eventful first month of the year which is my excuse for not posting on my blog. This is the summary:

1. The dreaded thesis. I spent New Year's eve home alone listening to firecrackers (not even watching, just listening) while I continued working. The stress and lack of sleep and sanity ended a few days later and I got to catch up on sleep, movies and everything else. The results came out and the pretty decent grades finally marks the end of that madness. 

2. The job hunting. This was quite a painful process that began 3 months ago. I sent out a gazillion applications and checked my mail for replies every 6 seconds (I'm not exaggerating). After a lot of depressing phone calls and lack of positive responses, I had to settle for the 5th (yes, there were 4 other cities I applied to) option- Bangalore. I took 2 months to convince myself that I would still be happy, and then a week before I had to join, I sadly had to reject the offer. Anyway, I got another job and surprisingly I've really enjoyed the first 2 weeks of work, despite this job being a backup of my 4th backup option. 

3. I've been lazy. Had lots of ideas of things to post about, but just too lazy to write about it. I did a little cooking, but was lazy to take pictures.

So, this drastic change of schedule isn't taking that much time to get used to. I now have 12 hour work days and usually fall asleep before midnight. Quite a contrast of college days of lazy days and working all night. The bus commuting has also been quite pleasant. It's not as tiring as I anticipated. Oh, how I love the weekend! :)

Wedding excitements!
I attended an engagement and 2 weddings recently. It's been tonnes of fun and a bit of a shock that people my age are getting married. 

So, now to my plan for reviving my blog:

1. Sunday Cooking- Over the next 4 months, I will be cooking and blogging about my experiments in the kitchen.

2. Book reviews- I thought I could spend the time on the bus reading. But the views out the window are more fascinating right now. But I've started going through the library at work. I have the slowest computer at the office. So the time my computer takes to open a file or save a file, I can spend in reading. Right now it's 'Yes is More' by Bjarke Ingels.

3. Photo walks- This is again reserved for Sundays. I need to get out of the house and do some building studies.

4. Random articles- Lots of ideas in my head that need to come out in words. :)

Ok.. This is the plan. Hope it works.


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