September 23, 2012

Dining at Mynt

Bangalore is host to many food events. One such one is the Citybank Restaurant week. 10+ different restaurants come up with a fixed menu at a great deal for Citybank users. 

Being a part of the 'Bangalore Foodies' group on Facebook, my Mum and I were able to go to one of these restaurants for an even better deal. The menus went up and the just as quickly, the best ones got booked. We were able to choose to dine at Mynt, at the Taj Westend while other foodies ate at the others on the same night.

We were seated at a lovely table on the porch. Even though the other foodies who also chose this restaurant decided to eat by themselves, we got to spend a lovely dinner together.

The chef, Bharat Kapoor took us through each course. The amuse bouche was a refreshing combination of feta, watermelon, tepenade and caramalised tomatoes. Just the right balance of sweet and salty.

The soup course followed. Pappa al Pomodoro- rich tomato soup served in a bread bowl and puree of brocolli with leek fritters and a nice assortment of fresh bread to accompany.

The next course had it's roots a little West of the Mediterranean. A mezze platter of falafel and humous, cheese phyllo and tabouleh and a potato fritter with balsamic vinegar. Lots and lots of flavour and a great contrast in textures- crispy falafel and phyllo against the smooth humous.

A light deconstructed salad Caprese was next on the menu. Though falling slightly short in terms of oomph, the salty Kalamata olive and the bocconchini were quite tasty.

At this point, we were already a bit full! The palate cleanser was quite exciting. It came in a ceramic dish over a perforated pot containing liquid nitrogen. The cold effervescence and the refreshingly light orange and thyme sorbet was quite a treat.

The main course that came next were quite rich and generous in portions and flavour. My Mum had a Milanese porcini and saffron risotto. I had the Artishawki batata meshwi which is basically char-grilled potato stuffed with artichokes and sundried tomatoes doused in a rich creamy sauce.

Way too full to finish our dessert, we only tasted before packing it to bring home. One of my favourite flavour combinations was on the menu- chocolate and sea salt. A chocolate and cranberry mousse with sea salt and olive oil. My Mum had a blueberry pie. Both were quite delicious, although I must say, any more food and I would have burst the seems of my dress.

Our chef topped of the evening by giving us a little jute bag filled with a Meditarrean spice mix ground right there in the Mynt kitchen. We ended the evening by meeting the foodies who dined at Blue Ginger- Chetan, Chinmayie and Ravindra in the same hotel over some hot chocolate. 

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