April 10, 2013

#100 - Painting, Portfolios and Summer Weather

This post marks a big milestone- the 100th post! 

I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to come up with an interesting enough post to mark this event, but sadly, had no such inspiration. 

My parents thought I should blog about my new job, but sadly I don't have one yet. Having sent out my job applications just a few days ago, I'm still waiting for replies. Oh, just in case any of you readers are architects and are recruiting, here are my portfolios- semester 1-9 and semester 10. :)

A couple of weeks ago, The Renegade Arts and Theatre Society put up a production of Paula Vogel's 'How I Learned to Drive'. It was great fun working on the production from stage design to actually painting the backdrop. It was a bit of a risk volunteering to paint 32 ' x 12' of canvas, considering my not-so-great talent of painting and the four days I had before show day. It finally took two of us, a LOT of paint, worn out rollers, a couple of bottles of turpentine, two and a half days to complete it. It looked better than I expected it to look on stage. I guess it was all worth it. 

After such a successful production, I decided to create a separate page for R.A.T.S on my blog. Check out here. And just in case you didn't notice- the blog also has a new header/background etc. :)

So, in celebration of #100, I've decided to share some of my favourite blog posts so far.

1. Most favourite food post:

Making pasta from scratch is much easier than most people think and mushroom and pasta combination is hard to beat. 

Mushroom Tortellini/Ravioli

2. Most favourite architecture post:

I never expected to find great architecture whilst camping. Merging perfectly with it's natural surroundings, Charles Benninger's campsite was rare treat.

Written in Stone

3. Most favourite place post: 

It's got to be Covent Garden. I've never been so fascinated with how much life one place can have. Food, music and everything else I enjoy.

Opera, Food Fairs and Chainsaw Jugglers

4. Most favourite trip post:

A recent bloggers trip to the Serai, Chikmagalur was quite extraordinary. Exquisite suites, private pools, delectable food, tractor rides through coffee estates and I got to meet some great ladies. 

Coffee Scrubs, Poolside Dinners and lots of Good Conversation

and to complete my list, 
5. My favrourite random post:

A bit hard to choose one more post to round up my favourites. Crossing off bucket list things bring so much satisfaction, that this post had to be here. That rush of adrenalin! I can still feel it.

Free Falling

Happy reading. 

Until the next post, I will brave the heat with lots of buttermilk, some swimming and constant mail-checking waiting for someone to hire me!


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