January 01, 2014

Thanks for 2013

Thank you God for all the big things and small things this year:

for changes- new places, new people and new experiences.
for the warmest smiles I'd ever seen in Africa- smiles that overshadowed their misfortune.
for mountain peaks above the clouds.
for positive replies for job applications.
for second chances.
for cafes to catch up with old friends.
for aloe vera- nature's best healing balm.
for WhatsApp groups that make me feel back in a classroom or in a family field bed.
for time to think and time to do.
for frequent flyer miles that let me go home cheaper.
for friends that I can call family. 
for music that gets me through the day.
for an extra pair of socks for cold nights in tents.
for packages in the post.
for maps.
for new friends made in airports.
for smells from ovens with baking food.
for an extra camera memory card.
for Skype.
for packed lunches that stay upright after an hour of bus travelling. 
for the ocean- strength, beauty and serenity in equal measure.
for Poya days.
for cousins.
for mistakes to learn lessons from.
for Meftal Spas.
for Friday evening text messages from people I don't know.
for off-days and sadness and bad times that remind me that Earth is my temporary home.
for pine forests that don't have leeches.
for challenges.
for long commutes to contemplate life and research recipes.
for last minute plans that work out.
for a job that I enjoy.
for a December without exams.
for bus conductors who know where I am going without me saying anything.
for proof that I have a guardian angel.
for super glue and cello-tape that make up for clumsy fingers and carelessness.
for forgiveness.
for people who inspire me.
for cold showers on hot days.
for missed flights that gave me an extra stamp in my passport.
for auto drivers who know English.
for ticked off lists.
for cinnamon powder and almond essence.
for new days and beginnings.
for memories of good things.
for questions that have answers.
for contentment.
for life.
for grace.
for love.

Thank you.


Margaret Christo said...

Beautiful. Made me think of all the things I'm thankful for. Thank you.

Tanisha Christo said...

Thanks Aunty. Hope you have a great year ahead. :)