December 11, 2007

U-NO what? I almost got suspended!

You know what? we got yelled at by the Medical College Principal. You know what? we had to wait for 3 hours in the Medical College. You know what?...

I'm almost certain that almost everyone who met me or any of the other 16 of us heard these words or something very similar.

It fascinates me to think how one small blip in a routine can turn a day upside-down and how one can experience all possible emotions over the course of a few hours.

Yes, I'm talking about that day, Friday, November 16, 2007.

The blip was a free 2 hour class and our excitement landed us for a snack at the Medical food court. (1st lesson we learnt- when there is a free class, stay in class or go to the library).

Our next move was to begin a game of UNO. Yes, all 16 of us playing one game at the same time. (2nd lesson- by no means is an academic institution a venue for non-academic related games).

What happened next was the first crescendo of the day- shouts, grabbing, sticks, bags, ID cards... and at the end of the pandemonium we found ourselves on the floor, in the foyer of the Medical College.

(3rd lesson- use free time to bond with your classmates).
This lesson needed no teaching and with 3 hours ahead of us, we wasted no time doing so. It started off with favourite movie, favourite books,... the usual. Then came, most embarrassing moment, your claim to fame- I shall not mention the details least I embarrass my friends and myself! Cartoon theme songs were sung, mehendi designs were practiced and four lunches were shared while medical students wondered what a group of students with T-scales and paper holders were doing in their college.

Crescendo number 2: I shall refrain from elaborating on what happened at the Medical College Principal's office, for that would be very bitter. It was a mixture of fear, shock, horror, anger and confusion that rocked our minds.

The rest of the day was mostly embarrassment and relief for not getting suspended.

It was like a roller-coaster that day! Ups and downs, sharp turns and free falls. Moments when the track was almost flat, moments when we couldn't see what was around the bend, moments when our stomachs were in our mouths and moments where we actually had fun.

All in all, I can't say that I enjoyed the roller-coaster, I'm just glad that it eventually stopped. I must say, I've learnt a lot from it!

(wrote for msrit archi mag)

The 16 stutents who were charged gulity of causing a
disturbance in an academic atmosphere.

WE look pretty content, dont we? almost like Danny Ocean who robbed 3 casinos when on parole! but, no we aint doing no more "messing about" (atleast not in the food court!!!LOL)


Ginelle said...

u know what that doesn't sound one bit sarcastic...and it sounded a lot better when u told me the story..:P

Tanisha said...

i know... but couldnt say much in an artice that even the faculty is gonna read

Princely said...

Man ur seriously Obsessed witht his arent u??? I mean I know its a big deal and all but get over it girl.....

Princely said...

I have to say cool Site though.... arent u the creative one :)