December 12, 2007

What I've Done

August 2007

It was two weeks before college started (and all through the house, nothing was stirring, not even a mouse-sorry couldn't resist!) and after being on holiday for four and a half months, Deepak and Nihal came to the conclusion that they were bored(yes, it took four and a half months for them to realise this!) and thus decided to use the last two weeks at least and do something that neither of them had ever done before or knew anything about!

They worked on the idea, managed to draft a script and with a bit of help from Deepu got their hands on some movie editing software.

Then I got the call (music starts to build up)
"Tanisha, would you like to act in our movie?",
"What movie?"
"Well, we're bored and we wanted to make a movie.."
"Now? (no, Tanisha, next century!)"
"Yes, before college starts..."
"Oh, ok... what's it about?"
" About drugs. About a girl who gets into drugs and ruins her life and takes her life"
"Ok, and who do i play?" (music building up to a crescendo)
"Well, you are going to play the girl- the druggie- who dies"
(music abruptly stops)
"Meeee?? ummmm... ok" (confused look-- which they cant see- because we are talking on the phone (DUH!)- yes, the eyebrows are up)

Well.... we had lots of fun. Having two directors meant lots and lots of arguing:
"Lets take this shot from this angle"
"No da, this angle will be better"
"Nooooo... im telling you, this will be way better..."
"Of course it wont!"
......blah blah...

me: " Lets just do it from both angles and then you can watch them both and choose the best one" (aww Tanisha)

The fighting scene- What fun! all the shots are on the "making of.." video

And Rohit the drug peddler, we all had lots of fun laughing at you!

Anyway, as I was saying, tons of fun!
In the middle of doing one of the drug scenes (me with the wet scraggly hair, the black eyes and lips and an overall blotchy face), "Its raining, quick! lets do the window scene.... Change of scenes. QUICK!!!"
All they had to do was carry the camera outside and grab an umbrella on the way out. Did they have any idea how long it takes to scrub eyeliner off your face???

Oh and btw, in the "making of what I've done", I was only pretending that I couldn't hear them!!! LOL!! heard every word, I was confused, I must say, as to whom Deepak was yelling at.

The ingredients for fake blood: (not sure of the proportions)
Gobi Manchurian food colouring (we did try that liquid red colouring, but that made it a bit pinkish)

The falling scene(death scene, whatever):
I woke up the next morning and couldn't feel the connection between my head and the rest of my body (that's the neck, if your wondering) and when I tried to get up, I felt the most excruciating pain EVER... I wonder why???!!!! I had to fall like about a gazillion times.. I'm not joking!!!
"Tanisha, you fell too early, once again"
"No again, you went off the screen"
"Once more, I didn't get it properly"
"Deepak, your hand came on screen" (OH DEEPAK DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO CATCH!)
"Tanisha, once more..."
"Now lets try some shots zoomed out"
"No, the suns too bright"
"No, there's not enough sun"
.... it went on!!
(perfectionists do that)

Then I had to lie there in the grass for like an hour(ok FINE, im exaggerating).
"Deepak, theres an ant biting my neck"
"SHUT UP! DON'T MOVE, it doesn't matter!" (ok, I will just let this ant feast on me. Hey, i can feel more than one ant, MUMMY)

Then having to drop the photo frame... so much drama and we didn't even use that scene in the end.

Ummm... what else can i say? To sum it all up. Deepak, Nihal, Khushaali, Binoy, Rohit, Deepu, Divya, it was loads and loads of FUN doing this. There were lots of mistakes and we didn't get the quality we wanted, but GREAT job!

Hopefully, the next one will be out soon. :)

The movie:
The "making of...":

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