February 27, 2011

"I want a cool blog."

said Tanisha, after spending one entire Sunday reading blogs.

Not any old boring 'pouring-out-of-feelings'/'I-take-pictures-of-everything-I-see'/'lets-just-fill-this-up-because-its-cool-to-have-a-blog' type of blog, but blogs knitted together of all sorts of interesting tit-bits.

India Knight, you are the inspiration for my sudden burst of blogginess! I salute you. (I spent most of today reading your blog)

Resolution 27.02.11 (I do not, as a rule, make resolutions for the new year. I mean, why wait for the start of a year!)- Manage a (cool) Blog (regularly).

I kept the name- Fudge Together but changed the background and layout. All ready for a new start.



Divya said...

I super-like your new "cool" blog... architecture, Italian food, Indian food, baking, music, diary...love it all! It's like reading something from a twin soul all the way across the globe. What's that called... kindred spirits? :)

Keep it up! And I promise to be your biggest blog-stalker... no I mean, dedicated fan. lol.

Tanisha Christo said...

Oh, I am so sure we are kindred spirits! :)