February 27, 2011


For the past few months, I've had this keen interest in Typography. It started when I found a video on youtube made using kinetic typography. "Mad as Hell"

That video took me to more videos and more articles and lots more websites, and I couldn't stop.

I took part in the Typography Day 2011 poster competition conducted by NID, Ahmedabad. The poster was to reflect any Indian theme and I chose the poem, 'The Banyan Tree' by Rabindranath Tagore as my inspiration/concept.
I didn't get shortlisted, but I am still quite impressed with my poster. :)

So, I spent most of today online (currently 21 tabs open on my browser!!!!) and was suddenly inspired to make a Brownie Points company card using typography, with ALL the ingredients of the brownies, lemon muffins and banana cake. It was not 11 hours completely useless on the computer. I'm quite excited to get this printed. :)

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