June 10, 2012

Work, Graduation and Typhoid

Hello faithful blog readers,

My sincere apologies for making false promises for cooking posts every Sunday (I only managed 4 in 4 months) and book reviews and other 'interesting articles' that were in my head and never got typed out.

Oh well, here is an update of the last 4 months.

1. Work- My 4 month internship was an amazing experience. I got to work on some very cool projects, enjoyed the office, met great people, made great friends, and learnt a whole lot more than I did in the 4 and a half years of college.
Sari day at the office- Posing on the terrace!

2. The things I actually did apart from work- The theatre group I am a part of- Renegade Arts and Theatre Society put up a play in April. I got to help out with sets, poster and tickets design, a bit of backstage and photography. The play was brilliant and was great fun overall.

I also did a play with the kids at church. They learnt their lines by the first week. Their acting skills never failed to crack me up. They were either half dead or super hyper! We made and painted our own sets. And the final programme was a huge hit. Also did a lot more singing at church, even played my violin which hadn't been touched for almost 6 years.

It seemed like we didn't do much with Brownie Points, but we did one Soul Sante Sale, and had a huge order of 600 brownies that went all the way to Hyderabad. We got our picture taken for Deccan Chronicle- click here. The highlight was our feature in Time Out. We got our picture on the front cover. Read the articles here. That was pretty exciting.

3. I'm done with college! Although the actual farewells didn't do justice to the 5 years of study, we finished. We had our final of all final exams. Suddenly it felt like everything was over way too fast. No more messing around in the department, wandering around the campus, mad deadlines, and all those countless college memories. They say, college years are the best years of your life, and I believe that wholeheartedly! I miss it already. :(

4. I had a horrible 2 weeks of typhoid. It was the worst fever ever. I've never been in so much pain. Never been so miserable. Never been on so much medication. Never been poked and pricked so many times in such a short span. Never felt so weak and helpless. Never missed food so much. Please be careful where you eat and what water you drink! 

And now, I am on holiday. At the back of my mind, there is that fear of what I'll be doing next and where I'll be working. But for now, I am on a much needed break. I will enjoy every minute of being unemployed. 

I'm not making any false promises, but hopefully I'll find enough things to post about soon. :)

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