August 14, 2012

Excess Baggage! Excess Flirting!

"The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage."
~Mark Russell

Ayubowan! (the only Sinhalese I picked up was on the plane)

In celebration of completing 5 long years of Architecture, I left Bangalore for my long long vacation! 

Home - Colombo - London - ( Watford - London ) x 15 - Colombo - Passikudah - Baticaloa - Colombo - Galle - Colombo - Home

I did much more than was on my list in 54 days (and my lists are pretty long), ticked off many things off my bucket list (many of which were added to my bucket list just before I did them. :P), ate as much food as I wanted to (put back all the weight I lost with Typhoid), filled up my suitcase with more souvenirs than I needed, and came back with 3000+ pictures as memories of my trip.

Speaking of suitcases, and as reference to the title of the post, I filled up my luggage with as much as I could and more. I actually found a nice quote about how the best holidays are with the minimum baggage. Sigh. That wasn't me this time. I had to take out 4 kg before I was given my boarding pass at Heathrow by a very fussy annoying check-in guy but I sneakily put it back after that. *insert evil laugh* (But I spent the rest of the time till I sat in the plane scared that they'd weigh it again somewhere)

My fears came back at Bandaranaike Airport, and I was all ready to pass my chocolate and architecture books under the barricade to my cousin. Much to my relief, they didn't weigh my hand baggage. 

I usually enjoy flying, but this time I found things to complain about!
1. Flight was 2 1/2 hours late leaving from Bangalore.
2. Seats that we choose were different to the ones we got.
3. The dessert on everyone else's tray looked more interesting than the one I got with my 'Special Vegetarian' meal.
4. Lots of noisy kids and terrible neck aches.
5. Turbulence and swirling stomachs!
6. Lousy in-flight entertainment. The only movie they had which I would have liked to watch, they didn't play.
7. Ironically, the 1hr flight back to Bangalore had a brand new entertainment system and I managed to watch half a movie.
8. Very loud passengers next to me. I eves-dropped their entire conversation through my earphones! Co-workers who started talking about work, but flirted away the entire 1hr (He even held her hand at one point *gasp :P). He was 49, she was 33. They talked about travelling, books, marriage and were thoroughly enjoying each others company. It ended with him saying that he'd wish he knew interesting women like her before he got married and she blushing away knowing that she wasn't even a teenager when he got married. (Was quite interesting to listen to, shouldn't complain! I think I paid more attention to them than the movie)

Oh well, enough rambling about the flights, I will fill my blog with interesting things soon.

Also, I love the quote at the top of this post, even though I didn't actually loose any luggage.

Also, the post title wasn't about me flirting. Unfortunately, when I traveled alone, I had to sit next to boring old people.


Nen is fine said...

Ha ha ha... was so disappointed when I realized it wasn't YOU flirting, though we tried to provide opportunities for you here.

1-THE-NA said...

I was expecting to read ur flirting coz I can't imagine u doing that :-) u know how to raise hopes though :-)