February 20, 2013

Free Falling

This experience was definitely one of the most thrilling. I'm not someone who used to enjoy roller coasters. I've hated that feeling of my stomach in my throat or being upside down, but from the time I was small, I would somehow convince myself to just go on every ride. From screaming on the tora-tora at a fair in Vellore when I was 6, to keeping my eyes closed the entire Indiana Jones: the backwards roller coaster, and holding on so tightly that my hands got stuck on Space Mountain at Disneyland, my fears were slowly being conquered.

I think I've come a long way from that. I guess I have to thank my mother- a complete roller coaster freak who even braved the New York New York one in Las Vegas!

Anyway, so bungee jumping is one of the things on my bucket list. So what if the one I did was only 150 ft and off a crane and not off a bridge into a gorge or a skyscraper or something like that, it was still bungee jumping. 

Unable to convince anyone else except my brother to join me, we both prepared ourselves to 'just jump'. The travel across the city, the day hanging out in Phoenix and the pep talks to ourselves could only add to the excitement.

We watched a couple of people jump before us also to practice getting good shots. If we're only going to do this once, we'd better have good pictures. :)

Being at the top of the crane definitely seemed higher than how it looked from the ground. Quite a fab view! Unlike being on a roller coaster where you are harnessed and strapped down quite tightly, this was quite different; just my feet and a belt around my waist that I could barely feel. And before I could think of changing my mind, I dived off! The wind against my face, the ground racing towards me and just as I thought my head would smash into the face of the earth, I bounced back up-- that was the best part- going against gravity-- This is closest I've ever felt to flying. Quite superb. Just as I was thoroughly enjoying the whole thing, it was all over. :(

I will definitely do this again given the chance. Sky diving, base jumping, wing suit jumping are also on my list. :D

The smiles and adrenalin surge lasted the rest of the week!

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