July 10, 2011

Tri-colour Salad

I'm opting to name my food according to their colours. Can't think of any fancy names right now. 

Tri-colour Salad- Red, green and white- also the colours of the Italian flag :)

(I am not going to mention any quantities. I don't think I have measured anything for a salad)

Wash and pat dry lettuce. I've used an assortment of lettuce- green, darker green and purplish (bought at Namdhari's Fresh). Half cherry tomatoes and quarter bocconcini mozzarella (tiny baby mozzarella). This is bought from Metro- Comes in a tub. It's very fresh and very good quality and I think the price is totally worth it. It doesn't last too long in the fridge, so have salad every other day till it gets over. Add chopped up pecans/walnuts.

Dressing- In a small bottle- olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, grated garlic and mustard. Close bottle and shake away! Again, sorry about not being able to measure quantities. 

Add dressing and toss up the salad.


Barbed Sulks said...

Making the dressing in a "jam jar" is a Jamie Oliver trick, isn't it?

Ginelle said...

Hey I love the photography. It makes the salad look very appetizing! :)

gai3 said...

Awesome photography Tanish....!!!