October 26, 2007


Far beyond the slopes of heather
Past the lakes of shimmering glass
Across the lands of arid weather
Through the fields of lemon grass
By the valleys where buttercups grow
Over where the rivulets flow
Beyond the quiet of a desert plain
Far away from monsoon rain
Sailing by the ocean blue
Through the dark and grimy caves
Through trees of pine and birch and yew
Over the never ending waves
In the dark, where fireflies glow
Past the coral reef below
Through the orchards of plum and peach
Over the endless pebble beach
The cacti and the dunes are past
Even the frozen arctic snow
O’re summits high and ranges vast
By the streams in a lush meadow
In the winter of naked trees
In the days of April breeze
When heat and sun a glaring view
When autumn shows its fiery hue

I found this in the back of my old chemistry note book. I have no idea what its about! Its not even complete. What do you think? :)

I sound a little too "William Wordsworthy"and I'm not very happy about that :(


Ginelle said...

i think u were really bored in chem class... lol... interestingly u haven't mentioned rain or ur feet sinking into the soil!

minita said...

hmmm...i think its an expression of hope...:(...trust me i know u can get all thirsty for hope in all that jumbo-mumbo, muddle-bundle of a book

Tanisha said...

oh n ginelle, i wrote "far away frm monsoon rain" so feet(or heels..watever) cant sink in if im far away frm the rain!!!!

Sanj said...

i sympathise with the way u seem to wanna get as FAR away from chemistry as possible...