October 18, 2007


5 tips for boosting your self-esteem.

The only person who can help you boost your self-esteem is-YOU.

 1. Appreciate Yourself: Respecting yourself is one good way to develop a strong sense of contentment. Pamper yourself to things you enjoy and tell yourself that you are appreciated!

2. Avoid Negative Self-talk: Focus on the things you like about yourself and talk only about those things. Self-deprecating words are damaging and tend to cause dissatisfaction with oneself.

3. Focus On Your Good Qualities: What makes me unique? What do I love about myself? What are my talents? Keep reviewing the answers to these questions and avoid criticizing yourself!

4. Praise yourself: Negative self-talk can prevent you from acknowledging your success. Admire your accomplishments and be proud of your achievements. Telling other people about them will help build up your confidence.

5. Do The Best You Can: Your 100% effort is the most you can ask of yourself. Doing your best will save you the problem of regret. Remember that your best will vary from situation to situation. Knowing that you did your best will allow you to be happy with your own achievements.

Spend time with yourself. Discover yourself. Be positive and always remember that you are a Child of the most powerful King!

(wrote this for the Clarence Pulse)

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