October 18, 2007

Just Love Me

Of accepting people for who they are.
Of looking past appearances.

Just love me

The day I was born, there were no smiles,
There was no joy.
My father did not care for me,
I should have been a boy.

The day I was born, my mother cried,
“It couldn’t have been worse”.
My cleft lip, they say,
It was a curse.

“They wanted a queen, a pretty girl.
Poor thing, what a shame”,
The neighbours sighed.
Rani was my name.

Two tall and smart sons,
But from their minds,
It could not slip,
That they had a daughter
With a cleft lip.

Few clothes and less food.
A fruit seller was he
He worked hard for money
School for my brothers,
But not for me.

“Fat-mouth”, “ugly face”
And all sorts of names.
The others would call,
“No one will marry you,
No one at all”

I wish they’d see me
From the inside.
I have talents, I do
But I’ve never been told,
“I love you”.

I live my dreams. I’ll soar up high.
I know you’ll say, when I’ve won my race
“Wasn’t she the one, with the ugly face?”

Do you know I can sing, and I can run?
I can be like everyone.
I have a heart and I have a mind.
I’m someone loving. I’m someone kind.
I may not look perfect
“UGLY” you say
But I ask of one thing,
LOVE ME, I pray.


Vandana said...

Beautiful! Dont have words to express! Thanks for this one.

Ginelle said...


shawty said...

i dont have anyting to say ;0)