October 15, 2007

Fudge Together

This is my third attempt at starting my own blog! The first was on a site I cant remember. But I remember my user name was apple_n_cinnamon and my page had a funky red and black skin. I don't remember ever posting anything on it..hmmm.. cant really call it a blog then, can I??

My second was on Messenger Space. It had more pictures on it than writing and I think the last post was over 2 years ago, which was 5 months after the 1st post (btw, the last post was also the 2nd post). The definition of blog, according to the Webster's New Millennium dictionary is "an online diary". In that case, it cant be called a blog either since diarys are "daily records" and even if I change the definition to be "weekly" or "monthly", it still wouldn't make my space a blog. :(

So, here I am again, at the start of a new blog (thanks Sanjana and Ginelle for the inspiration). Lets all hope that I can still call it a blog a few months from now.

"Whats with the name?", you might ask. I'm really not that sure. You might have realised that I haven't entirely moved on from the food names that I usually come up with, although the phrase "fudge together" has nothing to do with chocolate, hazelnut, mint or any fudge for that matter. It actually means "produce shoddily, with not much attention to detail", but not that happy with that definition. I looked up the synonyms for the word- compose, create and build......... I quite like that! :)

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