September 20, 2011

Poached Eggs

Was going to call this post 'Eggs Benedict' but read that it includes an English muffin, fried bacon and Hollandaise sauce. Mine was with brown bread and mayonnaise. 

Ever since season 2 of Masterchef, Australia where they had the poached eggs challenge, I've wanted to try it out. They are also mentioned in the movies, Julie and Julia and Runaway Bride.

The traditional way of poaching the egg is to mix about a tablespoon of vinegar with the water before adding the egg. This is supposed to help keep the albumen and the yoke together instead of spreading all over the water. Then you're supposed to use a spoon to gently fold it together. This is how Gordon Ramsay makes it- click to watch.

The way I did it was once featured on a master class on Masterchef, Australia. Works perfectly. I didn't take pictures of the actual process, because I wasn't sure that it would work.

First place a square of cling film over a small bowl and break an egg into it. Tie up like this. (using for help with the picture) Then drop it into a saucepan of boiling water and let it cook for 4 minutes. Take it out, remove from cling film and serve. The second time I made it, I removed it from the cling film after about 3 minutes and then added it back into the water for the last minute. 

I ate mine with toasted brown bread, mayonnaise (recipe here), salt and pepper. 
Loved it. :)

Note: The yolk was a tiny bit too runny for me. Next time will leave it for a minute longer.

The meal wasn't satisfying, so ate with some fried onions and baked beans. 


Anonymous said...

wow!!oly keep posting :p

Priscilla Christo said...

great pics. enjoyed the egg too. am glad i can try out your food.

Joel Louzado said...

Totally trying this out over the weekend. :)