September 01, 2011

Thesis, Holidays and Kannada class!

So, my long holidays finally came to an end and I prepared myself for the mundane routine of traffic madness, looooooong sleep-inducing lectures and jobless strolls around the campus. 

I couldn't ask for a more perfect holiday- the perfect blend of everything- productive and wasteful days. My food blog plans took off well, as you may have noticed. ;) 

As expected the above three things I prepared myself for came true beyond measure. Traffic has reached its pinnacle of terror. I really cannot imagine it being any worse. One such day, it took me and my bugged self one whole hour to reach college as my equally irritated auto-driver struggled to maneuver through choc-a-block vehicle/pedestrian/animal bhelpuri. The rains and muddy potholes only made things more crazy. I listened to Jack Johnson's album, 'On and On'. It sort of gave a nice contrast soundtrack to my journey to college.

About the classes- all fall into the category of sleep-inducing. Some at higher levels that others. In fact, the very thought of the class initiates a yawn. Thankfully, my thesis project seems to be going on fine, except for the rude managers/HR people/whoever-it-is who cuts me off the line, after a cold heartless, "I'm sorry, we can't help you!" for the case studies that I've tried to do. 

Oh and how can I forget?- We have another of those irritating compulsory classes this semester. We've had communicative skills, economics and sociology, constitutional law. But this semester is the worst (for me at least)- Kannada. Those who know me, know that I do not fall into the category of bi-lingual, let alone multi-lingual. The French I learnt for years will not help me communicate with any Frenchman older than 3. "Bonjour. Comment allez-vous? Quel age as-tu? Comment tu t'appelles? J'mappelle Tanisha." The rest is quite a blur sadly. I speak fluent p-language, but unfortunately that doesn't get me very far. Yet, I still manage to get around Bangalore. Thanks to living in a cosmopolitan/metropolitan city, even the auto drivers and bus conductors can understand English. My Kannada is limited to writing my name and "reading" bus destination. I use my skills from the game 'Memory' and can just about recognise the term 'Shivajinagar', 'Kempe Gowda' and 'K. R. Market'. This semester I worry that this class will be a bigger headache than my actual thesis. My classmates, on the other hand, and quite looking forward to making fun of me. Sigh.

As for jobless strolls in college- they are the only thing to look forward to in college. The most intensive thing we do, is plan where to have lunch and then we actually move to get there. Other than that we also enjoy sitting on the steps and in the cad lab, where we no longer pretend to be doing something useful. Once upon a time, we took off our shoes before entering the lab, and wouldn't dare do anything there besides work. 'Eating in lab?', 'Opening Facebook'- totally unheard of! :)

As far as messed up semesters go, this one isn't too bad actually. Especially since I've been off for the past 5 days and will continue to be off for another 5 days thanks to religious festivals, junior orientation and the general lack of classes. Perhaps this blog will still thrive this semester. :)


shraddha said...

well written :)totally agree wid everything :)

Archestra said...

like the jack johnson track... :D

Anonymous said...

I just discovered Jack Johnson's Banana Pancake and Bubbly Toes a couple months ago and can't stop listening to him!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you forgot Pig Latin! (as one of your multi-lingual talents)

this is nen, by the way. just realized you'd have no way of knowing who this anonymous person was...

Divya said...

ha ha. Fun post. Sounds like archis everywhere are about the same: "sitting... in the cad lab, where we no longer pretend to be doing something useful"

PS: Just out of curiousity... is the archi program at your college a 4-year or 5-year Bachelors?

Tanisha Christo said...

Nen- I am not very fluent in pig-latin, so didnt include it.

Divya- Its a loooong 5 year course!